Lowanna College 2018 Debutante Ball Photography

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



  • Can I order a debutante/partner portrait Proof Book or Digital Images after the 5 September 2018?

No. Due to the tight time schedule provided to us, we will only photograph participants who have ordered photos and have returned their envelope to the school by the 5 September 2018. This means that if you haven’t returned an envelope by this date, this participant will not be listed on the shot list and individual photos will not be taken.

They will still be part of the Group Photo.


  • How many digital images will I receive if I order the Digital Images?

You will receive 12 digital images of debutante/partner who ordered, but not your partner’s individuals. If both debutante & partner order digital images, you will receive a bonus 6 digital images of partner’s individuals, so 18 in total.


  • Will the Digital Images include the Group Photo?

No, the Group Photo is not supplied in digital format. You will receive a printed copy of the Group Photo.


  • Will the Deb Digital Images include family photos in digital format?

No. You must purchase separate Family Photo Digital Images, which is done after you have received a Family Photo Proof Sheet.


  • What is the process to have family photos taken?

You must complete a yellow Family Photo envelope and return to the school with payment by 5 September 2018.

Family photo times are allocated by the school's Debutante Ball Organisers, not us. Due to the number of bookings and time available, bookings are expected to be 5 minutes long. If you wish to have longer than the allocated time for family photos, you must make an additional booking. However, please understand that we cannot extend the allocated booked times in consideration of other families following yours.

After the Debutante Ball you will receive a Family Photo Proof Sheet. You may then either purchase Family Digital Images or enlargements by completing an Order Form and submitting it to us with a deposit payment.


  • What is the “Capped Price” Offer?

You can purchase a Family CD with all images taken for just $100. You can also purchase individual digital images for $20 per image if you don’t want to take advantage of the Capped Price Offer. This Offer ends on 14 December 2018 and digital images can still be purchased at the above individual price thereafter.


  • Can I order Family Digital Images after the Debutante Ball?

Yes, if you have made a booking by returning the yellow envelope to the school by the 5 September 2018 and family photos were taken.


  • How do I order enlargements?

Proof Book Only / Family Only Option: Complete the order form supplied with your Proof Book or Family Proof Sheet and drop it into our shop. A minimum 50% deposit will be required for all orders.

Digital Images Option: Print and complete the order form provided with your Digital Images and drop it into our shop. A minimum 50% deposit will be required for all orders.


  • What happens if I miss my appointment time?

We photograph under extreme and tight timelines. If participants or families miss their allocated time, we will attempt to fit them in at the end if time allows.


  • When will the Proof Books and Digital Images be ready and how do I receive them?

Proof Books will be delivered to the school.

Digital Images will be delivered to the school approximately 1 week later. No refund will be provided on Digital Images once they are handed out.


      What is a Composite?

A composite is one print with up to four individual images chosen from either the Deb or Family photos, available from size 8"x10". Please come and see us in our studio and we'll help you create your composite.



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